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monsterstudios/ berlin

about us:
we don't see ourselves as being 'just' a recording studio;
but more as a pool of creative people [musicians, composers, lyricists/ songwriters, writers, actors, voice-over artists] who, in different formations, realise complete projects.
therefore we offer along side the classic services - such as music and voice recording, editing, production/ post-production, mixing and mastering - artistic services as well:

e.g: composition, arranging and production of music for film, tv and the theatre, music for advertising,  songwriting, arranging of songs, production/ co-production on albums, audio books/ plays and drama as well as coaching for voice recordings.

our studio is in kreuzberg/ berlin.

just get in touch, tell us about your idea and assuming the chemistry works between us, we look forward to some great collaboration.


the monsters